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This site will be archived soon as the new one is nearly ready. The new website will be the centre for all things Flashteroids, old and new so you can stay up-to-date with how the new game is coming along.

Also, there is a new blog which will be used to keep you posted and allow you to provide feedback and ideas about the games.


Flashteroids Sequel Development Begins!

Well, it's been nearly four years (OMG) and I've come along way in the world of Flash since Flashteroids. But now it's time to give the fans what they want. I've started work on the sequel to Flashteroids: Laser Chief (FII).

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback over the last few years. Believe me – these suggestions have driven many of the features planned for F2. So I owe this to all the Flashteroids fans out there as well as to myself.

So what happens now?
First of all you'll see a new website here, (but don't worry - you'll still be able to play the original game!). This will keep you up-to-date with development of LC/F2 and enable you to try development versions and provide feedback. In the meantime please feel free to contact me via the form on my website.

Bye for now!
Ade – November 2005
Flashteroids is a game by Adrian Rowbotham. It is the result of a project to create a game based on the concept of the classic arcade game "Asteroids" using Macromedia Flash™. It ended up being quite different to Asteroids, especially as there aren't any asteroids in it, but the name remained the same. The latest version is Version 1.2. This is the second fully featured release, complete with "arcade" mode and an online hall of fame. Once in the game, you'll find a feedback page, so please send any comments or ideas you have for future versions.

Inspiration - Many thanks to James Shaughnessy, creator of Gravitation (Playstation) for the inspiration behind this game.

How to play

You control your ship using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use up or down to thrust, left to rotate anti-clockwise and right to rotate clockwise. Press control to fire. The objective of each level is to hit seven targets that appear in sequence, without colliding with any of the scenery, in as little time possible. The hard levels feature anti-aircraft guns and missile launchers just to make it a bit more taxing. If you run low on fuel, you can land back at your base to re-fuel. Whilst on the base you have a shield to protect you from any incoming fire.

System Requirements and Troubleshooting

To play Flashteroids, you need macromedia flash player (version 5 or later) installed in your web browser. This comes pre-installed on many computers so it's likely that you already have it. Flashteroids will tell you if you don't. If you need to install flash player, click here.

The latest version has many more features than the previous version, such as homing missiles, re-fuelling bases and also sound effects. All these features improve the game but unfortunately mean that it now takes longer to download and may also run a bit less smoothly on slower computers. The recommended minimum platform is an 500MHz processor with 64MB RAM. If Flashteroids is running slowly or the motion of the ship isn't smooth, try disabling sound effects (press S) and smoke trails (press T). It may also help if you run the game at a smaller size - see the Play Flashteroids section below for this option. If you still have troubles, you can always play one of the older versions from the Flashteroids Archive.

What's new in Version 1.2 ?

Version 1.0 was based on the game engine in v0.6, with a new look and lots of extra features. These features initially had significant side effects on the game performance so the game engine has been re-optimised with speed as a priority instead of file size. Therefore this version is much bigger but runs better as a result. The main features added are as follows:

-  14 levels, accessible in sequence in arcade mode, or individually in time trial mode.
-  New-look interface and menu system with hiscores for each level and hall of fame on arcade mode.
-  Sound Effects.
-  Land-based guns and homing missile launchers.
-  Gun on the Flashteroids ship - (currently only useful for destroying homing missiles).
-  Finite fuel, re-fuelling bases, and landing struts.

N.B. You can find previous versions in the Flashteroids Archive.

Version 1.2 contains several fixes for bugs that were found in 1.0. The main difference is that there is no longer a 3 second penalty at the start of each level. There is also the addition of a profanity checker that stops a player from entering bad language into the high scores.

In the next release...

Some of the improvements which may feature in the next version:
-  Better weapons
-  More things to shoot at.
-  More levels.
-  Intelligent enemies that follow you
-  Mystery special items that can reverse gravity or double thrust temporarily.

Play Now

Flashteroids can be run at any size on your screen, though very large sizes may cause it to run slower on older computers. Choose from the options below. Internet Explorer users can run it full screen by opening it in "this window" and then pressing F11 once the game has loaded.

Play Flashteroids:   Large Window   -  Medium Window   -  Tiny Window   -  This Window

See the Archive section below for older versions of Flashteroids.

Contact Info

Send your praise, criticisms and other comments to me: here.
You can find more of my work at my home page: http://aderowbotham.com.

Flashteroids Archive - Previous versions of Flashteroids and the source files, (.FLA, and .AS) available for download.

Beta version 0.1
This was the original prototype. It is very basic, and used crude collision detection that made it run very slowly on some computers. Click Here to download the source files.

Beta version 0.2
This was the second draft and slated by many for being too hard. Click Here to download the source files.

Beta version 0.3
This was much easier than v0.3, this version also had the first crude high score logging system that sent the results via email and required a manual update daily. Click Here to download the source files.

Preview Version 0.6
This version was released on April 5th 2002. There are only a few minor improvements from v0.5, so that version has not been added to the archive. This version features 1/100th second timing, the first PHP based score system, and the first choice of levels. Click Here to download the source files.

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